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Tinu Awopetu07/27/09
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NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK. Download NetBeans 6.7.1 (A JavaFX-only download bundle is also available.) NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the...

Rick Ross02/14/08
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Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

Let me welcome all of you to the new DZone community for one of the most important and fastest growing groups in the worldwide IT scene: Indian developers and IT professionals. No matter where you look, if something interesting is happening on the IT and...

Adi Gaskell09/20/14
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Stack rankings and your brain

Stack ranking has thankfully seen its popularity plummet in recent years as the number of horror stories surrounding its use has steadily risen.

Highq Collaborate09/20/14
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Businesses seek integrated project management solutions

For small businesses, the move towards using software for project management is gaining momentum, and there are trends emerging as to the types of project management software they prefer. Project management software is very helpful for streamlining...

Adi Gaskell09/20/14
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Crowdsourcing public policy in Malaysia

Earlier this year I wrote about plans by the Labour party here in Britain to turn to the crowd for policy suggestions. They created a new website whereby people could suggest new ideas for policies, which could then be voted on by fellow users, with the most popular then being considered by the party for their election manifesto.

Bloomfire Marketing09/19/14
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Agile Staffing and Consulting Saves $75K

Agile is an innovative IT staffing and consulting firm that helps technology leaders speed their time to talent by connecting great people with great opportunities. Based in Atlanta, the company has over 50 employees, including a presence in Jacksonville,...

Adi Gaskell09/19/14
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How gratitude can be used to grow your social network

I’ve written before about the value a simple thank you has in the workplace. Indeed, a study from a few years ago found that younger employees rated receiving a thank you as more pleasurable than having sex. Hard as that is to believe, it does nevertheless underline the potent power of those two simple words.

Shany Dembak09/19/14
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5 Ways to Use Games for Better Social Engagement

There are many different terms used to describe how your business affects and interacts with your audience, but engagement is one of the most important.

Adi Gaskell09/19/14
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The importance of someone who understands organizational knowledge

At the heart of the knowledge economy is having the best talent available to your organization, whether on a contract basis or more flexibly via freelancing or crowdsourcing.

Christopher Taylor09/19/14
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Apple, get U2 off my iPhone!

In an unprecedented marketing machination, Apple has just forcefully distributed U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence”to all iPhone owners – up to 500 million of them. Take a second to check your phone… it’s there right now.

Adi Gaskell09/18/14
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Research explores what makes a collaborative software project work

Crowdsourcing has had a pretty big impact upon most industries, but perhaps software development has seen a bigger impact than most. The rise of social coding sites such as BitBucket and GitHub have transformed the way software projects are undertaken.

Jive Community09/18/14
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Introducing Jive Connectors for Microsoft Office 365

I'm happy to announce the launch of the Jive Connectors for Office 365 -- making it easier than ever for companies to manage their transition to the cloud.

Adi Gaskell09/18/14
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Hack4Good brings the world together to tackle climate change

This weekend I was invited along to the Hack4Good global hackathon by Fauna & Flora International’s Gavin Shelton, a judge at the event.

Christopher Taylor09/18/14
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If your marketing isn’t relevant enough now…what’s going to happen next?

There’s an ongoing, symbiotic evolution of both consumer technology and consumer expectations that leaves marketers struggling to keep up.

Josh Begleiter09/18/14
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Why I'm Afraid of Systemd

Over the last two months or so it’s become apparent that systemd is taking over the Linux world. Many have expressed their reservations about systemd (including Linus Torvalds himself). Is systemd a reasonable alternative to sysvinit; are there favorable alternatives to systemd?

Martin Kouba09/17/14
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Trimou 1.6.2 - one important fix, two new control flow helpers

Another bugfix release for 1.6.x is out...

Damaris Coll09/17/14
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Sparksee 5.1 graph database new release: enhanced mobile & blueprints support

We are proud to announce today the official release of Sparksee graph database 5.1 version. The latest version includes the following exciting new features:

Miroslav Kopecky09/17/14
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GeeCON 2014 Conference goes to Prague

Welcome!Prague? Yes, 23-24th October 2014, there will be a GeeCON in Prague . And it will be amazing! Don't worry, we will return to Krakow in May! ;-)

Adi Gaskell09/17/14
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Using a hackathon as part of your recruitment strategy

I’ve written a bit about hackathons recently, as they seem to be growing in popularity as a means of attracting outsiders to tackle particular problems facing an organization.

Christopher Taylor09/17/14
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Death of the enterprise salesman

The enterprise sales rep, as we know them, is dying a quick death. That doesn’t mean that enterprise selling is over by any means. All organizations need software, on-premise and cloud, as much and even more than ever before.